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Tired Of Being (Independent 2015)

Andrew Christopoulos the vocalist, Bryan Scheinkopf on vocals and guitars, Miles Eddy (vocals, bass player), guitarist Tion Burke and Eric Doar the drummer from Chicago, IL forming their alliance of spooky chunkadelic’s groove-machine that sounding too damn funky, Rock N’ Roll seems to be like forever in their veins burst within the breathing and beating heart on fire for blending the likes of the members into Rock grooves, Gypsy influences and Folk heritage as well as Reggae and Psychedelic music like a semi-satanic Pop culture touches on a boring rock scene of the world started from this band – Bullfights On Acid. 
(We Could Even) Learn To Fly opening this extended play releasing of the self-titled record as Juanita comes in second place to asking your hips to dance naughty a little bit following the melodi-licious licks and poison bites from the mystical-based and modern magic themes pick by them. 

Standing in front of the wooden cabin and making more music to hallucinating their audiences up when on the same time stolen their souls silently by the lyrics and soulful sinned tones.

Bullfights On Acid: