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Throes Death (Independent 2017)

Dedicated to whom who have walk the line between shadow and flames sending from the burnt out gates of hell by the solo project of Atlanta, GA’s Black Metal/Deathcore possessed noise-maker that composed, written and recorded by Lukas Marr (guitars, programming) under the chosen name of In Chasms Deep with its Blacekened Death Metal basic sounds and tales of tons lyrics about whether afterlife, horror, hell itself and death to the rest as evil demonic of female figure appears in front of you through these six themed tracks of chaos related on both vocals nor instrumentals all the way through As The Wicked Burn Below smashing your ear-drums and stereo by the songs of Our Queen Depravity, Murderous Existence and When Wrath Brings Damnation onto thus Hoard of Riches (feat. Ben Duerr from Shadow of Intent) – are all blast in sounds like devastating and not a friendly kind of music for you who loves the weak hearts of the ordinary world shall all failure here …

As The Wicked Burn Below: