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Thief Of Abigail (Bandcamp 2017)

   Dance yourself off and on not just because you loving Bluegrass too much but damn, if you were there listening to the song of Sweet Corn – you might as being as silly stupid but yes, you are dancing your life within the happy themed track as well when some other ballads like for example: The Playground plays can make you thinking back about an introspection or a self-reflection about things that has been done by the past and the memory living on you forever left there by someone and it ain’t Midwestern group or artists doing such of these tremendous local foundation and heritage of Americana musical but a Brooklyn, NY’s The New Students whom did them all via their recording unique chosen album on Endless Sea. As their one footed steps in the 21st century, the other is planting the seeds within an American traditional Folk Music and Country and independently, don’t bother to following the trends happening nowadays and you can clapping for Justin Flagg, Matthew Gelfer, Briana Carlson-Goodman, Sam Gelfer and Jason Rosoff for composing, performing and not giving for shared these album and the tracks on itself: Richmond Town, An Honest Man, The Mountain and Eleanor. 

Sing and dance – buds !

Endless Sea: