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The Virus (Ragingplanet 2006)

   Fitting for the enlisted fill-up on Kerrang Magazine’s beloved type of Extreme Metal music today; these Setubal – Lisboa Region band with deeper Metal-Core and Emo-Rock mixing breeds may not luckily surviving the entire electoral for the best heaviest bands around but there’s nothing wrong for you to try-out their music offering just like being taken from the second album of More Than A Thousand in The Hollow. Find out quickly that there’s a trace of Grunge, Alternative Punk or Modern Metal scattered all over the tones and composing tracks build by the band – Filipe Oliviera and Sergio Sousa (guitars), Vasco Ramos (lead vocals), Wilson Silva (drums) and Mike Ghost (bass guitar) putting the experimental Hardcore and heavy Metal through the essential features on their Metal-Core sounds added by emotional Indie Rock and wrapped into a very wise recording session that not by vulgarity only displaying their harder sides of rage but also the melodic touch and high-level techniques erect taller and proud as the boys performing their chosen songs to share for us in The Red River Murder, Memories And Addictions, Everyone Everywhere Everything Ends and Somber I which temporarily could snap your reality commotions for a permanent dream-scapes via this good release. 

The Hollow: