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The Switch (Self-Released 2009)

   Pushing limits for their rocking tests via thus Modern Rock tension with leaping heavier riffs and glamour vocals and Rock N’ Roll dangerous attitude not calmly kept you down when listening to these rock-heads countering themselves from another loud dimension as Mom’s Rocket as they’ve brought this new materials on V2 releasing record; numbers of different protocols in writing songs and powerful grips within the tones and the melodies available for all type of listeners who dig rock sounds harder. 
Distributing the copies of V2 in already three thousand for the beginning perhaps shall rise your interest to taste them – the band’s performance on these twelve tracks of freely fucking Rock and performs by Tom Roney (vocals), Jason Celestine (guitars), Jeff Meschke (drums) and Randy Keller (bass) through Fist Full of Love, Lean to The Left, Heartbreak Paradise all the way to Running Colors and Too Good to be for Real. 

Screaming “Hell Yeah” for them – rockers !!!