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The Quest (Independent 2017)

   Jakarta’s home-quartet of Indie Rock Alternative with Moses P.M Yanuar (guitar, programs), Rayhan Noor (guitars, programs, synths), vocalist /guitarist Dias Widjajanto to bassist Fahmi Wargadinata and Aldi Nugroho (drums) brought to our ears the sensitive sounds of normal slow-tunes in harmony not carrying hatred but explosive impulse within the miracles of halucinative daily lyrics and many more imaginations carried on the band’s EP album – Staedig (a Danish meaning for Stubborn) as the group calling themselves Glaskaca observing the essential materials on these tracks like Message, Machine or Ashes and the right to reserved on freedom of making arts by music sounds or any kinds of works because they believed that this world is still a free place and Jakarta should be a free smart metro-city by releasing itself from stupidity and smaller views of foolish fanatics to grow larger, better and universal.

Staedig EP: