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The Outcasts (Target Group 2017)

   Tears of Whiskey, Hotel 2nd Age, Take The Last Dance with Me or Then We Cried as well as Pretty Little Devil marking the essential mixes between Motorhead “Motorbilly” and drunken Jimmy Page playing Punk-Tolkien tied correlations for those whom drunk and staggering walked out the bar for having their ears bashed by the fast themed tracks off Grumpynators’ City of Sin for free.
The Danish group really seems didn’t care about the damage they’d do right here on performing thus drinking-friendly making enemies and head-bang possessions attitude spreading like a chicken pox disease on your Friday night hang-out because first and for all this lot definitely got the purposes for beers, bikes, bar fights, chicks and more beers only and there’s nothing personal just good business for having fun – even in bad times without good lucks you will possibly involving to a battle near the pool table or with the bartender as those people and chicks are all in sudden jumping on others like a rampage ape. 
   Have you heard about St. Elvis Day or Fame might turning an average person into Werewolf after a couple shoots pass-midnight on a local pub ? 

Grumpynators got their own stories about that !

City of Sin: