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The Old Hag (Independent 2008)

   Slitting sensation and head-banger eruptions over the damnation-tinged blasts of perpetual Thrash Metal based solution sounds for you the manic fans of this type and the cross-over blending grips like a killer on the loose or hell opens wider today when one decided to entering the disc of Closed Eyes At Sunrise album from the lesser-known acts of these Vancouver, British Columbia Extremists crew calling themselves: Over The Coals. Completed by the drummer Max Matthews, Adam Repetowski and Richard Kingston on shredding department; Susie Myers on great humanoid screamer/ lead vocalist as well as bassist John Power over this second efforts from the band consisting of plenty or actual – fourteen tracks available there to bashing your head and your living room altogether through the anthem extremity via Dirt Nap, We Fall Behind, Bombs Away, Shadows and Look to The North as the blurry carving on the wood-planks shows that they’re here to give you dark and pain !

Closed Eyes At Sunrise: