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The Flyer Orcana (Monastery Records 1994)

Dr. Coenobite officially released his album entitled Castles in The Air where the time isn’t quite right for Progressive Rock to go mainstream just like the late seventies groups did before. The one band of musical doctor to be honest wasn’t make any good change for the scene even though this Prog-Rock project from Leiden, The Netherlands having its multi-instrumentalist leader and main character whom playing almost everything mentioned on your manual book of band recording and live music on stage – thing. Electric guitars, acoustic and classical guitars, bass, piano, flute to synthesizer, drums and percussion over computer programming done permanently by Dr. Coenobite with the small helps from Joost Cornelissen (heavy guitar solos) and Nynke Kooistra on vocals with the music written and lyrics also did completely by the doctor himself. 
Don’t leave so soon and smell the courageous rock progressions within the nine tremendous tracks there available like The Garden of Spirits, Mother Earth & The Circle of Life onto Airborne On Clouds magically or Living in a Castle of Sand in a Desert Storm which seemingly imaginative but ambitious as well. Give a try even thou Alternative Rock scrooling this scenery down to completely abandoned that years.