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The Elder (Blindrune 2015)

   The five-piece Atmospheric Black Metal unit – Wilt from the colder season territory off Winnipeg, Manitoba with Brett Goodchild did all the instruments, Jordan Dorge on vocals, guitarist Jay Edwards, and Craig Peeples doing the bass section; penetrating the thick mist by enshrouds the truth within those loudest confession taken as promising for a jointing knowledge revelation as they’re have been written towards the musical of extremity and explodes through the proof like the eleven minutes forty-six seconds opener track – Illusion of Hope that talking about how apostle of churches have turning holiness into scamming of millions with an elusive lies or Solitude closing the record by leaving us re-think about the measurement that always ended with broken promises that leads you to darken territory as the world bleeding out. 

Moving Monoliths - must be a good album choice for you to spend a day without light and transforms.

Moving Monoliths: