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Terraformista (Putojefe Records 2014)

Thrasher and Hardcore unit firing their shoot off from Odense, Denmark as the quartet of Lasse Andersen, Nicolei martin Aagaard Rasmussen and Rafael Ponce definitely will attacking your hearing sense with the non-glamour and bucket of hatred prevails and revealing the parasitical self-titled recording through Antimateria, Monopatin II, Intendos Fallidos or La Barrera Del Sonido and Extended Suicide maybe like an incoming passionate in regular tension exploding by eternal hate as a solution over the intermediate lining buried between your imaginative outer-space skating and personal or social issues being written up onto lyrics and music. 

Loud as hell can blown-up in your fucking face; the test will be horribly being pushed out like barricades of tremor-nation gift and Hardcore really knows how to mingled with Thrash Metal and kicks some conventional ass-kisser into black and blue !