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Tempo Head (Half Ass Universe 2009)

Don’t count on how national rifles association would commenting about this lot that ain’t doing much but experimenting themselves on making a better not boring and sorry-ass neo music for new listeners and the old ones as well all as far as the blends of Classic Rock, Country Rock, Pop-Rock to Psychedelic Rock N’ Roll pleasure on sounds that closely fresher than your uncle’s ordinary catalogs of Western and Hillbilly musical products. Surely, these Seattle – WA group who did their time for tip-toeing the entire career on rocking their Grungy/Seattle Sound moments passes by and now jared Nelson (guitars, vocals, piano), Chris Borgia (bass, vocals), Kory Christian (guitars, drums, vocals), Olie Eshleman (pedal-steel, vocals) and Chuck Pinnell (backing vocals) are definitely not your country-boy soldiers playing their Americana experiences by experiments here but Contraband Countryband (as the band’s naming themselves like that) releasing this first effort right there on this self-titled kinds of album via The Contraband Countryband. 
A bunch of naughty collections of statements or amendments between silliness of the regretful Rock Blues to the most variety in Country-land rocking like nothing as independent such as them on coloring the scene by Jokerman II, The Golden State, Springtime or Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues. Peaceful in actual like cheap souvenirs from the cowboy detour far to deeper commercial-side on the West.