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Templar V (Bandcamp 2014)

   There’s a certain risks for those whom addicted to watch televisions too much sometimes you might finding things that seems to be inappropriate and made you forgetting others that really matters for whether soap operas, mini-series or even soft porn but through music of experimental off these Synth-wave, Techno Trash French Funk outrun and Electronic Pop feelings leader for bastardizing the nineties era music Isaac Villareal presenting The Magnetic Killer Project with this instrumental materials within sounds of electro-music via C://Data/File/Synthaxis [EP-1] which is thrilling, full of tricky tracks and artificial melodies to the blessings of St. Darkbits and Synth-Pop of Mexico letting you realized that even this sounds can easily making you addicted by the form of What We Have Done, The Nightride and Look or Magnetizer. While enjoying the products please, just beware the strange-seductive side effects contained along the package of The Magnetic Killer products.