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Tashaki Tears Go By (Cleopatra Records 2015)

   As The Tulips did a very psychotic Folkish closing off Wild Horses or Allah Las remarkable creativity spending over how he did to Stoned last further or when Celestial Bums giving their very own interpretations for a track like Child of The Moon that maybe not many bigger fans of The Rolling Stones would realizing or familiar with. Through the good concept from this compilation recording entitled VA Stoned – A Psych Tribute to The Rolling Stones, people and the new generations will have a well-deserved board of learning about their Rock heritage especially when its related to the legendary names like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and friends on this fabulous group whom exploding the popularity of Rock N’ Roll since the early of mid-eighties onto the peak heights on the seventies and by the gracefully and rebellious force giving birth by your mom and dad’s flower generations as well as the variety of acid addictions back then; you shall reunited again with some highlighted classic songs like Sympathy For The Devil or It’s Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It) but don’t forget to meet some newcomers from the latest envisioned millennium groups or artists includes here as performers: Shiny Darkly handling Under My Thumb, The Vacant Lots carrying with She Smiled Sweetly or Gimme Shelter that still haunting and creepy in weird beats version by Sons of Hippies and also yeti lane doing Sway completely sweeter. 

Mastered by Chris Lietz and Jurgen Engler and tracks written (of course) by M. Jagger/K. Richards to I. Stewart or C.Watts and B. Wyman …