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Swing Chromatic (Seksound 2006)

Compromising their musical progress and attentions to make more acclaimed sounds like a soft-tuned footage on the biographic of Indie sounds off Tallinn, Estonia introducing the six-piece monotonous like how Dream-house Pop tuning blends for Shoegaze and Pop-Rock with the driving force continuously carried by the fuzzing electric guitar walls as well as sweet female vocals being performed by the band members: Eve Komp (vocals, synthesizers), Kart Ojavee (synthesizers), Rein Fuks (guitars, vocals), Tonis Kenkmaa (guitars), Reijo Tagapere (bass) and Margus Voolpriit (drums) being in too much overjoyed and reluctantly, keeping their essential Goth-based feelings equally written down for the precious semi-amusing and gloomy thoughts reliable within You Know There Are People Living in The Country, Super Timeknowing Gentlemen, Pretend To Be Here and Thank You Peter Parker as perhaps, not quite bountiful as you might think they’d become but Nature Heart Software from Pia Fraus must be one of those less-acknowledge Shoegaze recording album that you might wanted to hear or have if you’re a loyal fans off this type musical fanatics in Day Week or Season.

Nature Heart Software: