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Sucker Fuck Off (Robotic Empire 2005)

Demolishing on high-energy for the Punk-hardcore Screamo Metal format relations which taken up summoning by the fast, grinding stench over the blending of Thrash Metal, Screamo-Core to melodic winds that comes within the powerful shredding and mighty drumming tightly in total mosh-pit bashing for stereo and non-comfortable times; being destroyed one-self like explosives characterized as epic demise through this concrete recording e.p album from Viriginia’s crew – Crestfallen. 

Flicking the fused completely by the members: Christian Blunda, Mike Taylor, Nathan Grice, Tim Abbondelo and Willy Nilz sounded like they’re didn’t wanted to take any prisoners on the detour between the slab-walls of devastation form of Heavy Rock semi-anarchist and responsible  on the same time for this self-titled EP; Crestfallen quickly would gaining more punkers or heavy rockers as their beloved audiences as the front row would be no more replacing with the massive mosh-pit whirlwind, ready to giving the weak broken-bones if some of them dare to entered the sacred ground there. 

So, do yourself a favor not to play this record low cause you may not seeing the essential coming or re-capturing the gladness inside the reactive possibilities changed with the typhoon metallic sounds produced by Early to Bed Early to Rise Again, Rogue Rodeo and Backlashed with couple of covers like from Minor Threat or The Cramps – just for showing the listeners about the real profile off the band influences …