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“Subtle” The Word (Barely Regal 2016)

Emotionally Pop, Tropical Shoegaze or melodic sweet-hearted riffs of independent reactions over the Post-Rock or Math Rock delivering from Milano – Italy; we can calling them now Dags! After their shape-shifting for several other bands or project around before this one, the young musicians strong and talented enough to recording their own planned music as possible and progressive by sound jamming as a trio or with some helping from whether Daniel J Harvey playing keyboards as the band themselves compromising its members: Viole, Marca to Fabio plays the synth as being also helping on vocals background by Carlo Luciano Porrini and some others. 
One might wanted to try the rest of the track-lists via thus poetic powerful via We All Like Theorist Let’s Not Make Anything Ever Happen as well as I Would Love to Send All Those Shitheads Wearing Camo to The Actual Army or you need to try Dance Today Dance Tomorrow Why Not The Day After down onto In Order to have Survivors You Need Patients In Order to Get Patients You need Survivors lies or written carefully and mixed right through the smells of fresh conifer forest in Snowed In/Stormed Out album.