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Stoned Priest Raped (Rough Trade Benelux 2013)

Please, name them all – those newer branches beneath the Heavy Metal Extreme descriptions and one might adding more onto kinds of instrumentals Sludge/Stoner, Post-metal, Experimental Doom Rock or Post-Rock Psychedelic and Lichtervelde - Belgium seems to have more credits each and every year for exporting their units just like the one here calling themselves an exclusive confusing name: Maria Isn’t A Virgin Anymore or MIAVA. With guitarists at arms – Jelle Reynaert and Brecht Vanvyaene to bassist Thijs Vangeluwe and drummer Jelle Tommeleyn craving themselves as the creations within the courageous next record comes like a book of voiceless prayers with many chapters that divided the sections of heavier tuned of music stomps through Intifada on Chapter A, Fear as well as No Wealth But Life filling in the Chapter B, Profit or even the last Chapter D, Absorption having tracks like Walking Corpse Syndrome miraculously, didn’t need any vocals to guide them to a better interpreted meanings casually, added here to avoid mistaken misunderstood themes clashing the crawler’s lives before the apocalyptic times re-arranged to erasing beauty the example sounds on Essay On Bentham of metallic music by smarter standard thoughts.

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