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Starlight Shell (Bandcamp 2017)

   Shoe-gaze scrapers quartet from the Ukraine comes back with their debut full album release right now and thanks to the artworks of Frisbee dog by Anna Vavilonskaya completed the releasing materials for these Alternative Dream-Pop and Indie Rock foursome: Anton Levich (guitar, vocals), Sergiy Levich (bass), Sasha Gurenko (drums) and Dmytro Degtyar (synthesizer, guitars) as Mandarinaduck here sharing theirs via Landslide. Not too popular by the names but surely, some of you might correctly, put more respects onto them after listening the harmonic bending on simplicity meets outskirt-phenomenon feelings re-captured through those kinds of songs like Sendep (Love/Sleep), Dayroom Monster and Close of Deep Dream. 

Such a stereo-phonic mastering for Shoegaze music came up from Eastern Europe spot.