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Star Shooting (Virtalevy 2015)

   There’s no excuses for not liking these Stockholm, Sweden Progressive Rock band – Anekdoten that not easily can be compared to other musical group because they’re creatively unique and braver to make different choices over how the music produced within the extracting off their own ideas and talents as a quartet since the beginning of the start and you also will assuring to agree that Anekdoten isn’t just an ordinary Prog-Rock group pops from somewhere and performing their rare type of sounds that based on the power-grooves and flexibility towards the non-monotonous archetype sense for noises as being proven through this record: Until All The Ghost are Gone fits for anyone whom loved the in-between of both old and new kinds of progress on Rock whether on Get Out Alive or Writing on The Wall.
Comprising as the quartet of Classic-Rock awesomeness crew as Nicklas Barker, Jan Erik Liljestrom, Anna Sofi Dahlberg and Peter Nordins performing their essential Psychedelic and Progressive Rock composing beauty by mystically calming, reverb-occultist and mixtures of traditional touches via cello and mellotron just like how you wanted to have again - the late 70's Prog-Rock story in an album. 

Damn Superb.

Until All The Ghost Are Gone: