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Star Attraction (Relativity/Combat 1987)

The quartet of these Cardiff – Wales glamour Hair-Metal band: Steevi Jaimz (vocals), Jay Pepper (guitars), Pepsi Tate (bass) and Ace Finchum (drums) first album will rocking you out and loud as possible with their hairspray hair style and make-up glittery neat and perfect fast standard louder music as the beginning of the Hair-Rock music invasions spreading across the nations worldwide as within this Tigertailz’s album released hits the Rock market and charts for Young and Crazy. 
Plenty fan-based and considered as collectible things from the last eighties Rock era; Tigertailz challenging the Progressive Technical Heavy Metal with the simplicity of three chords Pop-tinged beats and sensuality themes related to the international slogan of “Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll” which waving its flag in the US soil and Los Angeles is their capital city that time. 
Let everything feels a-okay alright as the rocking sessions of local Pop-Metal stories similarity and other themed blaring high and louder like on She’z Too Hot, Hollywood Killer, Shameless, Living Without You, City Kidz, Turn Me On and Fall in Love Again; making these rockers looking tasty like the next version of The Sweet or fierce edgy side of European Glam-Metal revolution gift for you rock-heads ! 

Young And Crazy: