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Springpool (Gerpfast Kolektif 2016)

   Saitama girl trio of Shoegaze, Experimental Ambient and Synth-Pop Indie will forcing you to drink their ambitious soft-collages fro the experiences in diving quite fast into soaring tricky one way ticket for 私は泳ぐ、メロンソーダ or I Swim, Melon Soda in translations not being lost. 
Just like summer’s end theme there but you may didn’t know that the lyrics or the music preferring for nicely better vocals and beautiful percussion in power folder to covering the minus out spacing caused by only three person collaborating into the show on Spool’s soaring buzzed tracks in the mini album. In The Dark and Sink You might entering the breach of someone’s privacy among other possibilities as all the songs written by Ayumi Kobayashi whilst the arranger and performer only by themselves. Green liquid inside the tall glass and a girl trying to exploring it might reminding you about the Tokyo night were not all suicidal lovers really have to suffer before they’re decided to end their lives shortly and Be My Valentine could be a perfect soundtrack for that.