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Social Justice Warrior (Bandcamp 2016)

   Killing all humans is the main aim for thus robots sending from outer-space but secretly, they’re from the future catastrophic where machine conquers the planet and mankind almost extinct and the rest of the fictional story about it perhaps, being retold here by our two geeky fellas Mike and R.O.B whom making the blending for not so cheap (not cheesy) Chiptune musical with electric guitar rocking funny and some game boy samplings but you assure that this is not totally bloops. Via The Robots Will Kill Us All created by Boy Meets Robot known to some nerdy society in different names from Nintendo rockers or Game Boy rockers as easily and creatively – offering their seven tuned tracks which manufacture by the mixes on Funk, Hip-Hop, Ska, Country and farther ranging of rocking awesomeness in Pop culture laws. Love in The Singularity, My Baby’s in Love with Benedict Cumberbatch and Invisible Pink Unicorn (feat. Serah Eley) may looks dumb and stupid but one could find something liberating off the melodies while tuning in.

The Robots Will Kill Us All: