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Slush (Commune Disc 2005)

   Japanese duo for the mechanical sounds of the experiments which didn’t really cares about the outcome and your responses for their weird musical efforts at all for Ami Yoshida and Chihiro Wada indeed on their releasing record debut under the moniker name off - California Dolls with Dragon, Tiger & Escargot presenting the most oddities abnormally Electronic Noises and Synth-Pop capability like the lunacy booth of broken arts via Bolo Bolo and Drum or Azalea N’ Rose to No Pc with Crip as well as Dot. While the non-miserable scared tattooed female elves in hair colors on the front cover but even the live version and a figure names taken of Alex Expander doesn’t really meant anything closer to what melodies of good sounds in experiences had to do or arguing within these kinds of music only will making you going insanely smiling for amnesia …

Dragon, Tiger & Escargot: