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Slouch Seuss Dr (Pang Productions 2017)

In favorable for being his own by disguising as other personality on a Hip-Hop Boombap Underground and Aussie/UK Rap Psychedelic features some names helping to develops an additional lyricist to the rapping flows for war on words just like mentioned by Must Volkoff a.k.a Ivan Clarke to Nelson Dialect, Confusius MC, Kosyne, Jehst , Sonnyjim as well as Ramson Badbonez and Micall Parksun or Remus; diving into the depth of sea bed in Rap Music collisions recording release off Aquanaut as the one of thus dangerous materials over the styling in Gangsta-Rap or Horror Rap music as for many would be a hard decision to choose from so many great tracks available there on the album to taste and becoming your favorites right after the listening hours or while driving slower and stalking your enemy from two blocks distance in these total twenty-three songs such as Chemical Haze ft. Adam Koots, One Sixth & Joe Snow, The Holy Ghost feat. Nelson Dialect, Raining in The Hood ft. Mongo, Walking Dead ft. Soma, Earth Jewelz ft. Aslan, Fuck The Arcade ft. Jehst & Mata further down to Reset Button ft. Kosyne or M.F.T.C Shit ft. Remus & Chester P must be a true experience of deeper diving explorations where danger lurking like form every corner of Every Block or turns you see or off the back your head as well. Either it is a success mission or a farewell failure – decided by you and yourself only, rookie !

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