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Skeksis Cascade (Independent 2013)

   Classic and melodious even when everyone get blown away for good right after the introduction for 7.38 the opener on Brisbane’s power-metallers and Thrash Metal manic group members of Malakyte; one of the newest international attentions for the scene locally and outside Queensland as entirely predicted to be thus whom might being crowned by the media as down-under’s new Heavy Metal extreme kings brought to us via the releasing - Human Resonance album recorded by the five-piece metal-heads: Trip (bass), Liam Guy (drums), Dalton and Laggy (guitars) to Tommy Muz (vocals) whose doing louder than Megadeth and violent more than just becoming Slayer or Anthrax copycat with double pedals reigning, screaming high-pitched tones vocals to the slicing solos and bashing tempos within the imperial tracks that one can use to praising how extremely forceful Thrash Metal by its war-themes really sounded like. 
   Bursting high into outside air like molten lava blows begins the entire process of earth destruction by evil beings along Inbetween Terminals, Media Suicide, Zero Hour, Fall to Khaos and Embodiment exactly the proves you needed to mixed with gasoline to burn half of the globe in the order name of hate.

Human Resonance: