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Sixteen Acid (Miles Apart 2015)

Recording the instant ideas while touring as the band stopped for a while on a studio and did this Trunkweed Live, Man album before then, releasing it for public. 
... Cassette format or online-store to date might available to serving this fun-stationed on gearing up this East Coast Indie Rock or Pop-Garage to some transcending death background tales putting on lyrics or themes off the track-listing of seven songs being performed and recorded by Brady Kelly – guitars, vocals, Jack O’Connell – drums and Tucker Neil – bass/vocals; bursting the noises buzzing of Jangle Pop and features on Modern Grunge for an alternative to boredom which has been a disease for most musicians to kill themselves lately. 
Mesmerizing the contra-culture thoughts for their own version of silly views on Youth Society, Chumped, Days of Haze and Death After Life perhaps, will making you burst in small laughter but realizing it could be damn true minutes later …

Trunkweed Link: