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Situations Black Hole (Bandcamp 2016)

   Definitely not coming from or formed in Indonesia but the name taken right from the measurement funny parts of the Cheap Trick’s chorus in a song hits really made Indonesian Junk your silly package that stood there for never forgetting how on earth the 70’s Punk Rock and Glam Rock and Power-Pop did their evolutions in revolt and surviving the fittest by an unawareness for the extinction on those music scene really not entirely correct because then and now a trio like Daniel James (guitar/vocals), Johnny Cyanide (bass, back-up vocals) and David Barootian (drums)living their career for the true rooted and the future guaranteed for Punk Rock Pop locals to emerging back and stay put because they’re actually, didn’t go elsewhere but just being bored a little bit and this So Live So Devastating from the Milwaukee – Wisconsin has breathing their semi-joker and another half of rebellious characters in an instant merger and flickering the fuses using Shelley Shelley (Don’t Break My Heart), You Messed Me Up, Pipeline and Shake it With You proves that one – Punk Rock isn’t Crimes like magnetizing stuff or two – a creative beat music that shows how the white-folks do having a good time for being jerks to evolving the modern Pop culture spontaneously with newer art of noises called Glam-Power-Punk !

So Live So Devastating: