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Side Effects (Zedsdead Records 2017)

H.P Siemandel keeps on expressing his pure bigger love on many Electronic artists by arts in music for such as Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, OMD or Japan for instance; making the next serious sound-scapes and the project with finishing melodies and structural beats availability through the compressing on analogue synth experiments onto keyboard-composing for digging deeper for Electronic-Pop sounds possibilities just like here on Mr. (Siemandel) or Zymandel’s Zynic music. 

On the third releasing as being mixed and measures onto the blending bleeds on romance, broken feelings or heart-felt and mysteries – uniting as one particular package of Pop-Synth Electronic via Neon Oblivion; the album.

Get yourself a pointed views and drifting whilst or after drowned as the beating standard of monotheism harmony and Post-New Wave cracks the lying smiles all the way through Fear My Love, Powered By Death, Slice of Life, Truemmer, Distance and Would. As the unique accident for the cutting of someone’s hand draining blue blood like alienated syndrome within the music thumps covered there …

Neon Oblivion: