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Siamo Qui (Independent 2012)

Youngsters Metal-heads from Italy united as a crew of Progressive Metal unit are: Luca Orlando (bass, vocals), Simone Basile (guitars), Marco Memmola (keyboards), Andrea Rapisardo (drums) and Guiseppe Prete (guitars acoustic, vocals) shall giving us the shocking presentations as they’re slicing their presence through the high-techniques and power play in performance as Exedra – the band. Taranto, Apulia’s five piece group try to reach to their levels of perfection to tranquility heaven or nirvana by doing the steps in order to fulfilling the destiny line that being provided to them by nature’s choices. From Fenice onto Siddharta from Crisalide to Venga Il Tuo Regno here on this strong recording – Apeiron; truly has providing you and the audience a full-length complied of Progressive sounds and metallic off either acoustic, melodic solos, chords and keys onto the choir vocals as Exedra (of Taranto) really needs to add for your encyclopedia of heavy sounds and for those who loves Prog-Rock interpretations like this young Italians did.