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Shoes Piece (Self-Released 2017)

A wrong move in your editor’s pick turning up rightly whilst the CKY’s similarity power-grooving statement beats and music but sounded a bit commercial because of the lyrics written for other purposes by these Bloomington, IN newer group off your Modern Rock catalogs today; Blue Rising consisting of foursome rockers: Austin Frink (vocals, guitars), Luke Narey (drums, percussion), Barrett Abraham (bass, keys, backing vocals) and Austin Mudd (lead guitars) as their likes and influences for Alterbridge, Avenged Sevenfold to GOdsmack and Disturbed cannot covering other interests for names like Shinedown and Coheed and Cambria to Breaking Benjamin’s order and commercial rock choices isn’t a quite hard decision to make but you still can be proud onto the hard-building and rapidly impressive repertoire on these Midwest and beyond over this releasing – Ghosts and Monsters. 

Louder sounds, high-pitched vocals and standard rocking themed tracks about life itself contacted pretty much well for the audiences via Metamorphosis, Say Goodbye, Ice Cold or Supernatural. Unleashed your private comfort zone and touch a dangerous zone’s border line …

Ghosts and Monsters: