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Ship Shadows (Not On Label 2016)

Bravery isn’t just made for men only because through such a talented composing music and lyrics written into sounds; the violinist, keyboardist and singer from Sofia – Bulgaria’s beautiful woman Stela Atanasova finally creating her own dreams via the Symphonic Metal Gothic group for her own pleasure in diabolic musica mixed with traditional and modern sounds on Metalwings with the help of other members picked well by her like Krastyo Jordanov on guitars and irish flute, Konstantin Uzunov (bass), Grigor Kostandinov (guitars), keyboardist Angel Kitanov and drummer Nikola “Blackie” Ivanov brought yours a such unique and useful melodies for the imaginations spreading higher into the fantasy world or thus realm where magic exists supreme and the recording of Pagan-beliefs is ready to plowed your satisfaction through this mini album entitled Fallen Angel In The Hell greetings us for how Symphonic and Heavy Metal blends perfectly within the dark angelic voices from Ms. Atanasova and her group blasting the tempos and featuring your favorable music emerging from over some of those five tracks traditionally available for any Pagan’s weekend drinking time and rituals. Either through Slaves of The Night or Crying of The Sun as the bonus track; you will love how the project moves in its mysterious ways …

Fallen Angel In The Hell: