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Shelving (Bandcamp 2013)

   Five piece of tracking listed on the East Sussex, UK mixed and recorded feature of Sex pistols models of semi-anarcho Punk-Rock disfigurement turning Pop-Rock into terrible Garage Rock leaning disability to approval for a merrier season beating up in frame of the youth energy healing time over the teenager onto maturity through many kinds of stories to tell as being hared for free here by Asterisk the band consisting of vocalist/keyboardist Jack Watts with guitarist/vocalist Billy Seed, vocals & bass player Vickie Cuxson to drummer with incoherent yelling on Tyler Williams spraying the entire neighborhood with their alienated ooze glue-like liquid as the earthquake noises music shall disturbing your parents from having a good night short sex tonight because of you having this album – No One Knows Who We Are. 

Go put the songs like Chris Red Apple, Groundhog Day and Shut The Fuck Up Please – louder, yes - louder lads !!!