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Sheer Robbin (Must Die Records 2017)

As the thanking goes to thus sample donors friends, inspirations and others who believes in the power of Reggae music experimental with Avant-Garde’s do-it-yourself capturing the clever ideas and the back-up good hands from Lunatix, Kath Reade, Steve Smith and many more as you can closely see the resemblance of artistic sounds of the Jamaica/Caribbean’s influences over but rather than being a group of bunch humanity on it; these Blackpool area born competitive coalition by different names from Herb Diamante, Seven Footsteps to Satan, Stained Afro and Left Hand Cuts of The Right as many more to be mentioned one by one have creating something big and dub-ful as it fully discussing about life, art and tea and these Blethered For Nowt sounded a mocking for a silly fellow to questioning some of the meaning written onto the band’s album and lyrics as Mrs. Cakehead. 

Listen to the good relaxing and beer drinking themes for Coconutters Dub that also claiming its spotlight on the beach life and sexuality brought on displays by the sexy girls and moms while listening to Bangaroony, Lazy Dub Reprogramming onto Mother Nature and Father Time Mento (should be grabbed and choose as one of the newest track-lists for the music for mother earth discs. 

Get drunk, have sex with the foreign girls and beware of the infectious beat-style creeping from this fun album.  

Blethered For Nowt: