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Severe Ordeal (Independent 2017)

Raw speeding Death Metal of the lesser known group of Helsinki, Finland comprising of the quartet metal-heads based themselves influence for some smaller intentions on Cross-Over with Thrash Metal and Hardcore N’ Roll of Death sounds brought to you by Aleksi Mattila (guitars, vocals), Santtu Liimatainen (guitars), Henri Hirvonen (bass) and Juha Forsstrom (drums) fast in their edgy order of riff-age and slicing solos like unstoppable bullet-train ready to hit the nearest crowded inhabitant town into pieces – this time comes as Brainspoon (the band) and their dangerous armor lies on the recording mini album off Crush The Wall Of Illusion Ep. 

If you do worshipping legendary names like Sepultura, Entombed or old days Metallica ride their lightning, this motherfucker album really works for you as the head-banging pleasure of destructible heaven of louder metallic music via Twisted Path, Call of The Eerie Winds or Phantasmal and Unsung Child; can bashing your ignorant minds for seeing Death Metal as the music for retards should revised that thoughts before Death Metal comes and ripped your head-off !

Crush The Wall Of Illusion ep: