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Serikat Penyembuh (Bhang 2017)

   An occasional celebrations of the members from several good Heavy Rock and Math-Rock in Bandung ordered to themselves for making a super-group and decided to naming it Mooner. Meet the quartet whom having their internal influences by the likes for Doom-Stoner, Queen of The Stone Age or Blood Ceremony in common to writing down their Indonesian-based lyrics and melodious over-throne stable but not very commercial sounds like the exhausted version of Grunge meets creative Alternative music in sensuality of a femme local and spirits for becoming just another daily modern rock with silly consumerism fatality for sells; Tabiat (means attitudes) is the album made by Mooner crew: Rekti on bass from The Sigit and the rest three others Tama the drummer, Marshella Safira on vocals and Absar (guitar, vocals) perhaps – representing Sigmun or The Slave admitted to the local press that they’re also influenced heavily by the legendary rock bands from the past Indo-scene like Panjaitan Bersaudara to AKA (Apotik Kali Asin). Through the sophomore classical performance of solo and chorus in harmony onto the social-liability responsible caring within Hei, Takana Part 1, Fana or Buruh/Pemburu – the local rock-heads can calling them too damn complicating nor confusing but for the extended encouraging loyal rockers on both internationally or nation-wide may expressing a salutation for these group for trying to sounded like they wanted to produce the sounds by and for them as a denial from public across the mainstream still too big to be ignored, you might be one customers whose already got satisfaction as the music of Mooner guaranteed you for having a great "different dimension" for rock-time listening.