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Secret Lives Hex (Part Of The Problem 2017)

Blending your blind ambitious loves for both Garage Rock and Soul of Motown and perhaps, you will have a surprising mix-max drink of sound on an Indie Rock possession bandwagon but not just an ordinary one but a unique that not many can creates or having time like this on something special delivers by Meanwood; your newer Neo-Modern Rock quartet consisting for Viktoria Belle – vocals/guitars, Harley Haskett – guitars/vocals, Mike LeBlanc – vocals/drums/percussion and Yvonne Moir – bass guitar whom correctly looking like a glimpse of reminder to The Breeders but this time – these girls and their guy constantly playing the retro mixed between Rock N’ Roll to 60’s sounds and Garage Pop rhythms for representing the good Toronto, Ontario as the smart Canadians. 
Often in every chances that you immediately realize that the band actually is a good one hell of a party live music-makers as Meanwood would be your favorite later on after listening to those tracks in a brilliant releasing over This Layer as if it’s not enough for you to dig deeper for the likes picking on to many songs like number 3 on Goo, the second track Pay You or even the lasted nine thing over Vicious Kind and the lovely romantic Ghosty that might calling your mom to looking inside your room and ask about the singer for this one. 

Isn’t that lovely ?

This Layer: