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Scopuli Lowell (Not On Label 2013)

Give yourself a chance to change or at least, give yourself a space to fills in with something strangely good and if one question being asked to a gifted troubadour from Manningtree of Essex named Kevin Pearce as he sings and playing guitars; the answer could be comes out as Poyekhali! – such an interesting atmospheric Electro-Progressive and Psychedelic Sci-Fi performing of music and sounds by melodic and prestigious releasing tracks of six by the project of band naming Skywatchers. 
Added his intentional crew with Dean and Jarrod from Sheffield for playing million vintage music instruments from bass, guitars, keyboards and drums with extras like saxophone, clarinet to flute as they’re liking the outer space as well. His journey of Alternative Pop astronaut’s abstract paintings maybe possible by the essential mixing of those materials in the making of an album which is quite remarkable. 
Jamming noises and electro-flicks to the live band’s performance can be traced from Tie You To Me in the beginning to Crab Nebula Melancholy with only one credible long-terms periodical Progressive symphonies of restless variable for imaginative Down-Tempo hallucinations psychedelic echoes through When Up Falls Down. 

So, if you didn’t like them yet or never heard about them anyway - think again now !