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Scared PMA Else (Island Records 2012)

   The third studio album releasing by our lesser-known English Alternative Metal or Emo-Core group: Lower Than Atlantis as well as their major label debut and before you decided to think that this band is only another drifters on band wagon-esque realm these days – think tank twice because the Watford, Hertfordshire which now consisting of Mike Duce (vocals, guitar), Ben Sansom (guitars), Eddy Thrower (drums) and Dec hart (bass) seems to be reborn again on their existence of loud music via this amazing modern tunes available in the making by these English mates through Change Tune - the album with its track-lists like Go On Strike, Wars with Words, Normally Strange, Something Better Came Along to I Know A Song That Will Get On Your Nerves – that sounded normally but encouraging just like the Showtime from a Modern Metal emotional scene.

Changing Tune: