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Scalawag Streak (Not On Label 2017)

Fuzz Rock, Hard Rock and Desert Rock are the Heavy Psych-Stoner continuity for these New Jersey’s trio of Six Sigma featuring vocalist/guitarist Doug Timms, bassist Scott Margolin and drummer Mappy as completed as the new rock consortium as the band releasing their recording album called Tuxedo Brown which at first might only reminds you about a cheap independent rock recording off the nineties with not too much concepts to offers here but the facts are these guys truly playing the high-sensibility envisioned techniques in a spontaneous bursts on both distorted or buzzing forge of explosive Rock sounds to share within the sensual babe images or the bastard’s son kicking-ass themes via Curb Feeler, Here’s Yer Stoner Anthem, Black Sand Valley Cover-Up and She Burn in Blues. 

By the likes for Five Horse Johnson to Fu Manchu; the stigma views for the higher success on Six Sigma is tentatively clearer after this !

Tuxedo Brown: