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Saylor Twift (Bandcamp 2013)

   Out Now for the first time ever or not quite surprising anyway but once you loved to hear more and more Pop-Punk in power performance and romantic lyrics about past days of the broken-hearted or first kiss or losing your prom dates or bullying after school might becoming everyone’s stories just like these Bamberg, Germany band trio named One Mile Left; one might calling them a Blink rip-offs music or American Pie wannabe group soundtrack of non-various but pleasuring to listen on the weekend with friends for The High Rise Afternoon e.p. 
   As you might destroying your parent’s house with a small belligerent party or commercially did some silly videos as they’re uploaded to public channels involving nude babes or sick sexual activity – just for being a dork or simply, met the most gorgeous girl or great curved woman in a mall then going for the adventure of your miserable life with her in a quite urban area whilst the temporary good times easily can changed into disaster but with songs like Fast Kills Cheap Thrills or You Me And The Dealer Tonight may survive yourself over the bad holiday or worst unlucky week – thanks to One Mile Left. 
   One should realized that the perfect blonde named Jenny sitting the middle of the wheat farm might be that soul mate (romantically matched) like the one you've looking for this lame life but (guess) some boys only wanted to sneaking into her skirt and owning her foxhole. 

The High Rise Afternoon EP: