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Santa’s On Acid (Black Hole Records 2012)

   Winter didn’t started yet and seems to be this year’s going to be a long-awaits end of the season in such an unpredictable way but here you go and celebrated the event earlier with VA Cashing In On Christmas Volume 4 a vinyl compilation of greenish and reds by some of those Punk-Rock junkies without any authority that can calming them down for (not) covering some of the classic and newer anthem for father Christmas for bewildering and not try to behaving well just like most of the children nowadays. 
From The Authority to Toughskins bring in the bashing tracks for a non-ordinary of ho-ho-hoes via Blessed Christmas, New Tradition, Johnny Thunder X-Mas and All I Want For Christmas could be Explosive Heads or Blessed Muthas as the blending music of Hardcore, Punk-Rock, Garage Oi! And Rock N’ Roll really suits for destroying any occasion of Jesus birthday’s events but never fails on lightening up the party of booze, nude chicks and terrifying santa with the gun and the deck of cards to deal. 
   A full dimension stereo sounds of blasting and irritating when others still using acoustic version to honoring peace like Jenny Woo on Christmas to Me, the brilliant non-silly of Christmas Time is Here (Oh Shit) by Guitar Gangsters or Plan of Attack shitting out their folkish road-trip with Hey Santa while City of Nightmares perhaps, wrongly put here for the false purpose after October … 

Rejoice ye all and fucking pogo goes !