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San Zekellin (Independent 2014)

Aviran Haviv (bass, vocals), Michael Izaky (drums, vocals) and Omer Haviv (guitars, vocals) are three Israeli rockers from Tel-Aviv whose unluckily is an unsigned band yet amongst many of them but as their power-bursting blends of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal and experimental in the department of Desert Rock scene which looks promising to grow faster and healthy as independent for The Great Machine trio to expanding their magic sounds in heavy riffs, furious melodic solos onto the awesome Psychedelic metallic force gaining inside their active self-written burning of slow-motion destroyer music just like the abstract figures accompanying the album – Love. 
Twelve non-preaching, more bashing and occultism alarming best in used before the end of the world happens like a prophecy started by the holiest scriptures since the early days of men to the counting last ones; either Kegen, 0280, Your Life Will Do You better Than Mine, South West Sugar Rush and Redrum or Barbara teasing your reality with this Tel-Aviv Yafo zenith products promoting darken arts of devastation as sorrow’s attack.