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Saloon Fight (Bandcamp 2016)

   Post-Alternative Metal and Stoner Doom of instrumentals player in a group from Montreal Canada as being formed by those two or three piece rockers whose being armed as metallic enforcer progressively will turning you from not interesting on the band’s efforts to a loyal fan after the approval timing over this processing release on the stereo blaring harder. 
Tumbleweed Dealer are Quebec’s finest local rock-heads turning unsatisfied with much self-esteem and techniques to listen; Seb Painchaud (guitar, bass) and Jean-Francois Richard (drums) as being helped by Jean-Baptiste Joubaud (recording, mix), Tom Waltz (mastering) and Alexandre Goulet (visual director) represent this comparable mixing values between Stoner Metal, Drone, Post-Rock and Funk grooves into one project cognitive recording inTokes, Hatred & Caffeine. By the opening short-duration track The Carnage Cosmic takes you on entering this group’s lair of noises or sounds; Blue Crystalline Method (Minus Line O.D), Days Gone High, Widow’s Weeds (From Spring to Mid-Autumn) onto Stung into a Blissful Coma by a Swarm of Heroin Filled Bees might figuring us out through senseless signals stories for alerting the rest of ignorant ears to pre-caution for anything not good comes to harm many of you like these tidal music complications brought the tunes colliding within non-lyrical rock bashing of progressive artistic music.

Tokes, Hatred & Caffeine: