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Sail Darby Crash (Motorhead Music 2016)

   Street Punk with Pop-Rock simply touch in their philosophy of non-tender but in a standard quirking and glam-based sounds by the mix is on all you need to get for a better listening and fine looks over Barb Wire Dolls from Los Angeles, CA. Comprising of Isis Queen (singer), Pyn Doll (guitarist), Krash Doll (drummer), Iriel Blaque (bassist) and Remmington (guitars) not for the deploying a next steps on Grunge revolution grips on the last Hard Rock capital of the world but the raising up back again on Punk-Rock to resurrects after this releasing on the third albums - Desperate to the surface after a very long hibernating hiatus and one can jumps off the cliff to taking risks again through the powerful melodic grooves banging from Surreal, Take Me Home, Heart Attack, Blind to Your Misery or Problem of The Poet landing their gears down to your landing area with a rough classic and harder edgy beats within the band’s brilliant song-writings lies there to perfecting the crowd-surfing and Rhythm Method.