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Running Dog (Schema 2011)

   Excitement raised as you found that these Italian Electronic Ambient and Jazz Downbeat of cinematic experimental duo of Cesare Malfatti and Stefano Ghittoni or Noorda as aliases to them sometimes sending the gimmick as a bag of tricks via the recording sessions of good sounds available through The Dining Rooms group project eating pieces by pieces of the marked paintings on the front cover as the years gone by but the remaining tracks like Lo Cammino Ma …, Pushing Them Away, Stoic Calm to We Are The Music Makers shall staying not Fading Gradually inside the Interiors of Hotel Rooms Elsewhere as you speak gently about them or telling your friend about how The Dining Rooms arousing your love for music softly, to be addicted more slower as the project recording on Lonesome Traveller playing in mid-tempo volume through the sound-system somewhere as far as you remember …

Lonesome Traveller: