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Rocketsnail’s Skin (Not On Label 2012)

The trio with not well-known names but very powerful within their high techniques on performing the choices of longitude for the blending over Math-Rock, Progressive Metal, Neo-Prog, Post-Rock and Dark Jazz to Hardcore Indie by Oleg Kuznetsov (drums), Dmitriy Tsuganov (guitars) and Vova Laskin (guitars) sailing their magnificent ship of outstanding achievement you might going to hear then all the way through this releasing mini recording called Black River. Meet Kawri’s Whisper – the Instrumentalist rockers from Saint Petersburg , Russia that can gladly, came across the finishing line in thus advance not average highly entertaining ability of playing their musical instruments and composing songs that shall reminding you about the non-vocals version of Dream Theatre to ultimate new world Prog-Rock scene that always developing day by day. 
The five minutes more of every second counts like a wishes that needs to be ejaculated out before you sick or deaf or cripple to crumble without anyone’s help via Santa! I Want A Dreamamchine! or the simple titling that really makes you questioning the meaning or reasons why off H in three minutes and twenty-five seconds periodic journey to the excellent hibernation moments as you slept unconsciously while the trip to the grim-rock progressions continues without you notice it …

Black River: