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Road Heaven Hard (Deathwish 2017)

   Different from his landscaping Hardcore/Prog-Metal-Core or heavier bashing extreme music like total disturbance of pig screaming in melodic but right now here; officially, founding his other faith unlike anything else had been created by Converge’s Jacob Bannon for this build-up Post-Rock and Alternative Metal with more experimental electronic on Indie Rock representing Essex, Massachusetts. Joining by his fellow collages whose as infamous as himself by facts like Kurt Ballou, Mike McKenzie from The Red Chord, Chris Maggio (Coliseum) and Sean Martin (Hatebreed/Kid Cudi) performing living solitude imperfect distorted anthems of hell-lives stimulations not for the beginners on Wear Your Wound into the force bleeding noise sounds through this lonely recording atmosphere off WYW. 
Listen and prove that the possible isn’t that impossible for this project on disc or other form of recording release but exactly pounding your emotional of slower, calm but also banging hard and more epic riffs or chords stumble like coming from somewhere to teasing your heart-loving rock that broke because of the sickening world spitting curses just like the opposite or synonym meanings from inside the track-listed Heavy Blood, Iron Rose, Giving Up and Best Cry of Your Life would be a bitter waving like Goodbye Old Friend not – never ever again Shine …