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Rising Warmth (Ragingplanet 2017)

   Another Portugese-products off the Doomy Heavy Metal scene there quite sounding awesome and thrilling for some to follow; the lamentations cursed lyrics like spell written and composed there by Lamina the band consisting of the quartet of Vasco Duarte, Katari, Evil and Filipe Homem Fonseca whom are truly the ear-bashers within the amounts of fully extreme explosions of mighty riffs and no smiling figures for the day – only waving sorrow and pain on air with the deader atmosphere collapsing like the victims of an occult’s demonic cursing among the villagers at dawn as the damned album called Lilith revealing their roots from the collaborations between Stoner Rock and Psychedelic Metal as being disciples of Black Sabbath and loyal; meet the bruising noise-maker via the thumping tracks and great female rocking voice raging like Big Black Angel, Psychodevil or Education For Death which similar to a Maze, shall confusing those whom trying to enters and lost forever completely inside the dominate female realm by symbols.

Many traditional doomsters will definitely loving this !!!