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Rising Madness (Bandcamp 2016)

By the likes for Heavy Metal names like Blind Guardian, Tokyo Blade to Running Wild you got the Stockholm’s Speed Metal and Heavy Power Metal unit comprising of James Hawley (vocals), Valentin Papp (guitars), Bror Bengtsson (bass) and Johannes Frykholm (drums) in their classic high-pitched tension and old-school melodic under the magic name chosen as Starlight just similar to thus alcohol, fantasy and party within Sci-Fi occults presented onto this e.p. record called Starlight Warriors. 

Blackest dark and heavier like you wanted the shredding comes slicing and mid-tempo in air-guitar acrobats selling these three “real” tracks like Too Drunk Too Fast tempting to compromise the essence leisure of metallic power led by Helloween of Germany superb with cover art designed by Peter Johannesson and photography by Tilde Bjorklund. 

Fantastic short-term of head-banger !

Starlight Warriors: